We acknowledge those who recently passed and remembered the Allen County SPCA in their memorials. We thank their friends and family who honored their memory with a donation to the Allen County SPCA. Their dedication to our mission is the foundation for our work here.

In Memory Of Our Pets

12-1-17 thru 3-15-18

Alabama by Dell Ford
Ally, beloved dog of Frank and Nancy Hudson
Bart of MaryAnn Ternet
Bo, the best therapy dog ever by Lutheran OP Rehab
Bogie, beloved dog of Norma Neuhouser
Boo Boo Kitty, beloved pet of Kenneth and Kimberly Klerner
Butterfly, beloved dog of Harriet Paul
Dandy, beloved dog of Diane Hofer by Paul and Nancy Gerding
Dusty & Tanya, beloved dogs of William Beckford
Eddy Pyle of Kent & Ellen Pyle
Elmer of Susan Green
Filibuster “Buster” Brown of Reneta Thurairatnam
Fox, Robin, Foxerand Jesse of Alice Smith
George, beloved dog of Phil and Jennifer by Phil and Suzanne Amt
George, beloved dog of Jenny Dailey and Phil Wyss by Joanne Weber
Gidget and Pepper, beloved pets of Colleen Cruz
Ginger, Cinnamon, Peanut, Peaches and Little Stevie of Barry and Debbi Brunner
Jessie, beloved pet of Wally and Donna Wheeler by Dell Ford
Justin & Kendra Carnes of Julie Burkholder
LuLu, beloved dog of Steve and Stephanie LeFebure by Suzanne Dunn
our beloved Maddie Girl of Sam and Jessica Hartman
Maddie Girl, beloved dog of Sam and Jessica Hartman by David Fridley
Madelyn, beloved dog of Mark and Mary Thompson
Maggie, beloved dog of Mike & Rise Vandenburg by Elizabeth Frederick
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth of Jane Hollingsworth
Peanut Toes of Erin Emmert
Radar, beloved dog of Karen & Bill Hinkle by Nicholas and Carolyn Stanger
Scout, beloved cat of Joe and Chris Rubino by Bradley and Cindy Wilson
Tess of Kathy Austin
Velcro, beloved dog of Judy and Karl Baatz and Freckles, beloved dog of Dick and Yvonne Harnly by Elizabeth Frederick
Wally, beloved companion of Steve Warden by Dell Ford
Zero, beloved dog of Marcia Neeley

In Honor Of Our Pets

12-1-17 thru 3-15-18

Autumn, beloved pet of Deb Hoehn by Jill Leech
Cleo of Steven and Judy Roach
Honey, beloved dog of Leonard and Melanie Baughman
Marina, beloved dog of Keith and Gloria Kesling
Silsbee of Nancy Crouse-Torrez
Sir James Frisky, beloved cat of Rochele Watson

In Honor Of

12-1-17 thru 3-15-18

Pat Berriage by Todd Gatchell
Christie Bowen’s birthday by RuthAnn Sprunger
Kathleen Choka by James and Karen Todoran
David Goodman byLaura Rao
Jessica Henry by Ruth Reighter
Jessica Henry by Michael Applegate
Jessica Henry and the staff at the Allen County SPCA by Maureen Egan
MKM by Dodd Kattman
Dr. and Mrs. Rogers by Gordon Bell
Oilivia Stronczek’s birthday by Sarah Gavin
Olivia Stronczek’s birthday by Nicole Lawson
Reneta Thurauratnam-Sandkuhler by Kathleen & Marc Sandkuhler

In Memory Of

12-1-17 thru 3-15-18

Ann Adams by Lois Levihn
Ann Adams by Sylvia Atkinson
Ann Adams by Albert and Sharon Wells
Ann Adams by John and Susan Drummond
Ann Adams by Lynn Shire
Ann Adams by Martha Riley
Ann Adams by Larry Wardlaw
Ann Adams by Kenny Francis
Ann Adams by Wayne Reeves
Ann Adams by Ronald Maish
Ann E. Adams by Kenneth Gantz
Ann E. Adams by Dennis Dull
Ann E. Adams by John and Judith Sauer
Roy Alexander by John and Patricia Weicker
Ericka Anderson by Bruce and Betsy Found
Remio Batalona by American Electric Power
Remio Batalona by Phyllis and Susan Denning
Remio Batalona by James and Paula Young
Remio Batalona by Chris and Shannon Roberts
Remio Batalona by Debra and Brian Cour
Remio Batalona by Judith Smith
Vern Booker by Joyce Marx
Vern Booker by Mike and Barbara Gessner
Vern Booker by Ronald Hamm
Vern Booker by E.J. and K.R. Paragi
Vern Booker by Scott and Michelle Rodenbeck
Vern Booker by Gary and Mary Booker
Vern Booker by Jeannine Wildey
Mary Boyers by John Martin
Vonna Buuck by Vohn and Nancy Austin
Maureen Calder by Aspire Plastic Surgery & Medical Sp
Janet Campbell by Larry and Ricci Freeman
Frances Cesari by Richard and Kathy Lyons
Arlene Christ by Carole Wohlford
Arlene Christ by David and Julia Clary
Arlene Christ by Deborah Woodroof
Arlene Christ by Adeline Brenizer
Arlene Christ by Kathleen and Helen Choka
Arlene Christ by Chris Hudson
Arlene Christ by Michael Smith
Arlene Christ by Susan Deuel
Arlene Christ by Susan Simler
Arlene Christ by Anna Nixon
Arlene Christ by Beth Jackson
Jean Coon by Ed Coon
Irene Davis by Debra Davis-Galliard
Hilda Dill by Zumbrun Construction Co, Inc
Hilda Dill by Sally Thomas
Hilda Dill by Turnpoint Community Church of the Brethern
Hilda Dill by Gerald and Patricia Duncan
Kathryn Dowden by Ronald Heilman
Joanne Marie Fagg by Bishop Luers Lunch Ladies
Joanne Marie Fagg by Sherry Montel
Alice Flitcraft by Merrill and Carol Cocklin
Alice Flitcraft by William and Eve Holden
Dr. Anthony Flores by Brian and Jaimee Greiner
Cranky Frankie (Pete) by Marlene and Michele Green
Fred Fritcha by Ruth Reighter
Aunt Helen by Harold and Deborah Broskie
Sunny Helstrom by Brent and Stacey Crist
Sunny Helstrom by Julie Inskeep Simpson
Sunny Helstrom by Laura Sowers
Peggy Henry by Patricia Hays
Leila Nicolet-Hill by Vicente and Christine Rodriguez
Leila Nicolet-Hill by James Williams
Leila Nicolet-Hill by Ashlee and Kay Rager
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Patricia Calhoun
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Jean Sabin
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Pete and Christine Mallers
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Christine Slater Vohs
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Nancy Wolf
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Cheryl Shook
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Patricia Calhoun
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Sally Sare
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Cynthia Roberts
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Linda Mackey
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Terry and Susan Hendricks
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Kristi Harkenrider
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Cathie Rowand
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Carol Blauvelt
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Judy Christie
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Nancy Martin
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Deanne Morell, Mechanics Bank
Mr. Dick Hollingsworth by Thomas Meyers
Terry Horstman by James Read and Family
Terry Horstman by Roberta Huttinger
Cassi Hull by John and Gloria Hull
Cassi Hull by Chad and Christina Williams
Cassi Hull by Jerry & Beverly Gates
Cassi Hull by Stephanie Castleman
Cassi Hull by Wade and Teresa Fromholt
Cassi Hull by Thomas & Isabel Gordon
Cassi Hull by Tim and Barb Hackett
Cassi Hull by Timothy Montalvo
Cassi Hull by Don & Jill Thompson
Cassi Hull by Maxine Wallace
Joseph Jacquay by Cecily Renner Rorick
Rose Johnston by Walter Fuller
Rose Johnston by Bill Swift
Rose Johnston by Jerry and Judith Korte
Rose Johnston by Fouad and Linda Halaby
Rose Johnston by Jack and Connie Billings
Rose Johnston by Steven Hazelrigg
Rose Johnston by Jean Reifenberg
Rose Johnston by Mary Quillin
Rose Johnston by Jeremy and Cynthia Gaumer
Rose Johnston by Timothy Didier
Rose Johnston by Hugh Johnston
Rose Johnston by Lawrence and Marilyn Johnson
Rose Johnston by Hugh Johnston
Terry L. Kindsvatter by Pam Shoda
Dorothy Kissinger by Barbara Poffenberger
Dorothy Kissinger by Byron and Diana LePierre
Dorothy Kissinger by Diana Kimmel
Dorothy Kissinger by Stanford Thompson
Donald Krueckeberg by Alyson Goemar
Donald Krueckeberg by Marilyn Franke
Donald Krueckeberg by Thomas and Nita Thieme
Donald Krueckeberg by Joanne Weber
Donald Krueckeberg by David and Barbara Sommer
Donald Krueckeberg by Jay and Lori Krueckeberg
Donald Krueckeberg by Jeffrey and Elizabeth Greene
Donald Krueckeberg by Mabel Gilmer
Donald Krueckeberg by Robert and Gretchen Bathgate
Donald Krueckeberg by Michael and Jeanette Sanders
Verna Kyle by John and Patricia Weicker
Stacy Langmeyer by Matthew Rice
Jeannine Lee by Jeffrey Myers
Jeannine Lee by Jerry and Alice Andrews
Jeannine Lee by John and Leslie Wilson
Susan E. Lehman by Howard Rothgeb
Susan E. Lehman by Carol Bender
Susan E. Lehman by Dale and James Becher
Susan E. Lehman by Vickie Dahl
Sharon Little by Olinda Wilson
Fr. Thomas Lombardi by Troy and Ann Cozad
Fr. Thomas Lombardi by Dawn and Gary Hull
Fr. Thomas Lombardi by Kathy Selzer-Miller
Fr. Thomas Lombardi by Walter and Jyl Mattes
Rev. Father Thom Lombardi by Darrell and Susan Will
Rev. Father Thom Lombardi by Jerry and Linda Pattee
Rev. Father Thom Lombardi by Jerry and Theresa Crog
Rev. Father Thom Lombardi by Daniel Stein
Rev. Father Thom Lombardi by James and Mary Lou Sorg
Maxine Manahan by George and Alice OHern
Maxine Manahan by Todd and Angela Springer
Maxine Manahan by Alfred and Susan Goff
Maxine Manahan by Terry and Judith Manahan
Maxine Manahan by Victor Milla Julia Freiburger
Gary Allen May by Margie Guinn & Ruth Woehnker
James Mennewisch by Kevin and Marita Roemke
Rose Miller by Don and Helen Campbell
Donald “Pete” Mohrman by Mary Mohrman
Donald “Pete” Mohrman by Elizabeth Mohrman
Donald “Pete” Mohrman by Joseph and Cheryl Muhler
Laila Nicolet by Ron Nicolet
Matthew Oberley by Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Aux
Matthew Oberley by James Bickel
Matthew Oberley by Donald and Monica Scott
Matthew Oberley by Power Plant Services
Terry Peden by Duane and Shanna Long
Terry Peden by Kim and John Arreza
Terry Peden by Dennis Lothamer
Terry Peden by Jerry Bernard
Frank Pyle by Mike and Nancy Briggs
Frank Pyle by Thomas and Tamara Wheeler
Frank Pyle by Reneta Thurairatnam
Frank Pyle by Joyce Dulworth
Frank Pyle by First Federal Savings Bank
Frank Pyle by The Ford Meter Box Company
Frank Pyle by Joel and Paige Pyle
Frank Pyle by Dean and Teri Pyle
Frank Pyle by Rodney Robrock
Frank Pyle by Randall Lehman
Frank Pyle by John and Natalie Chapel
Frank Pyle by Atlas Foundation
Frank Pyle by Mark Boyd
Frank Pyle by Julie Chao
Frank Pyle by Jessica Henry
Frank Pyle by Thomas and Nellwyn Hakes
Frank Pyle by Jodee Hoffman
Frank Pyle by John and Phyllis Oldenkamp
Frank Pyle by William Stamper Cynthia Bishop
Frank Pyle by Donna Hess
Frank Pyle by Patrick Davis
Frank Pyle by Terra Schmidt
Frank Pyle by Kent & Ellen Pyle
Cloey Saalfrank by Kathey and Joey Dennis
Mary Schneider by Nol and Susan Huth-Beckley
Margaret Shafer by Margaret Roehm
Thomas Smith by John and Judith Sauer
Dorothy Stavreti by Sherri Stavreti
Dorothy Stavreti by Mary Coats
Janis Stetzel by Steven and Kathleen Sharp
Janis Stetzel by David L. Wade & Associates, PC
Janis Stetzel by The Gebfert Family
Janis Stetzel by The Butler Family
Janis Stetzel by Millicent Blume
Janis Stetzel by William and Janet Slusher
Janis Stetzel by Jackie Tippmann
Janis Stetzel by George Huber
Janis Stetzel by Richard and Carolyn Werling
Janis Stetzel by Michael and Tami Ester
Janis Stetzel by David and Sally Norton, Norton Developments
Janis Stetzel by David Dumas
Janis Stetzel by David and Janet Harris
Janis Stetzel by Jane Keltsch
Janis Stetzel by M. F. Hatfield
Janis Stetzel by Julia Hollingsworth
Janis Stetzel by Jay and Patricia Jackson
Janis Stetzel by George and Mary Cooper
Janis Stetzel by Daniel and Leah Gabrek
Janis Stetzel by Damian and Jenny Gosheff
Janis Stetzel by Tom and Linda Irmscher
Janis Stetzel by Wayne and Elizabeth Riedinger
Janis Stetzel by David and Nancy Steinhofer
Janis Stetzel by Therese Williams
Janis Stetzel by Bruce and Victoria Anderson
Janis Stetzel by Donald and Sheri Johnson
Janis Stetzel by Edward and Deborah Schmieman
Janis Stetzel by Mary Stack
Janis Stetzel by Linda Johnson
Janis Stetzel by Gary Bender
Janis Stetzel by BND Commercial LLC
Janis Stetzel by Mark Ullman, Charter Oak Equity
Janis Stetzel by Thomas Grembowicz
Janis Stetzel by Lynne Pollifone
Janis Stetzel by Micah 6:8
Janis Stetzel by Thomas and Sarah Tollefson
Janis Stetzel by Jean Sabin
Janis Stetzel by Andrew Hobbs
Janis Stetzel by Nancy Petrick
Janis Stetzel by Delling Family
Janis Stetzel by Maureen Ann Hillary
Janis Stetzel by Mary Ann Grembowicz
Janis Stetzel by Susan Kobek
Janis Stetzel by Michael Mastrangelo
Janis Stetzel by Barbara Waite
Stan Stokes by Delmar and Celia Kerney
Stan Stokes by Rick and Renee Perkins
Stanley Stokes by Joanne Tumbleson
Stanley Stokes by Cathrine Dally
Stanley Stokes by Carol Horryak
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Ann and Joseph Ray
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Ron and Linda Buskirk
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Fort Wayne Medical Society
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Paul and Susan Clemente
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Richard Stephens
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Custom Stamps by J
Dr. Alfred Stovall by The Adair Family Foundation
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Jason Douglas
Dr. Alfred Stovall by D’Italia Associates
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Gary and Kim Probst
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Willie and Audrey Sharpe
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Thomas and Karen Humbrecht
Dr. Alfred Stovall by Randall and Elizabeth Phillips
Bea Terry by Matt and Katrina Kline, Kustom Color LLC
Bea Terry by Dane and Patricia Strait
Bea Terry by Kimberly Davis
Bea Terry by Susan Scribner
Bea Terry by Douglas and Rhonda Boyle
Bea Terry by Karen Bubb
Shirley Terry by Suzanne Schmeling
Maureen Toenges by Kurt Simerman
Kazuo Togashi by John and Diana Reed
Kazuo Togashi by David and Tenley Lippie
Kazuo Togashi by Rod and Laura Sills
Kazuo Togaski by Frances Williams
Joan Varketta by MJ Stoddard
Joan Varketta by Kjell and Nancy Pedersen
Rob Viggiano by Shylo Howard
Jacob Ryan Walerko by Mark Wagner
Jacob Ryan Walerko by Cathryn Boys
Jacob Ryan Walerko by TVHS Band Boosters
Jacob Ryan Walerko by Trevor and Christine Cracknell
Corwin and JoAnn Ward by Denise Schertz
Corwin Emanuel Ward by CPI Card Group
Corwin Ward by Walter and Geraldine James
Corwin Ward by Annette Abels
Crowin Ward by Dallas and Holly Fike
David Wirt by Douglas and Portia Coe
David Wirt by Jeffery Didion

Want to help
homeless animals?


Our center is always on the lookout for supplies that will help keep our dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. From food to toys, we welcome a number of items that will give our fur friends a comfortable lifestyle. Some items can be purchased directly from our wishlist on Just follow the links.

Special Enrichment Items
• Training dog treats
• Soft dog treats
• Adaptil and feliway in spray bottle
• Feliway plug-in diffuser with refills
• Peanut butter

Housekeeping Needs
• Batteries
• Disinfectant spray such as Lysol
• Hand sanitizer
• Dish detergent
• 39 gal or larger trash bags
• Tall kitchen trash bags
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Resealable plastic bags - quart or gallon size
• 4” x 4” gauze pads

Office Needs
• Postage stamps
• Address labels- white 1" x 2 5/8"
• White & color copy paper
• Duct tape
• Zip ties - medium/heavy duty
• Radient space heater for the feline isolation unit

Cat & Dog Needs
• Box lids from copy paper cases (for disposable litter boxes)
• Heavy weight paper bowls for medication
• Egg cartons
• Dog squeaky toys
• Martingale-style collars (medium & large sizes)
• Kennel slipleads
Stainless steel pet pails
• Made in the USA rawhide chews
Kuranda dog beds
Kuranda Vinyl cat perches
Screw on cage food & water bowls
Disposable cat scratchers
• Covered cat play houses (no carpeting)
Kitty condos
Kitty Kongs
• Gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, & Green DogGoods

Our Cat & Dog Food
We feed our dogs and cats the following food while in our care.
• Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin (cats & dogs)
• Science Diet Puppy Healthy Growth
• Science Diet Kitten Food
• Science Diet canned kitten & adult cat food

For Our Community Pet Food Donation program
• Dog and cat food, dry or canned

• Aluminum cans, cell phones, laptops, iPods, empty ink & toner cartridges

* We do not take comforters or pillows. (Some of our dogs like to chew the stuffing out of them.)

Donations may be dropped off during our regular business hours.


Article written by volunteer Debra Lockhart

I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue for about a year now and have loved every minute of it. In the past year, I’ve transported dogs, helped rescue dogs off of a chain, helped a dog give birth, adopted and said goodbye as some of my favorites have found their forever home. I’ve gotten to know some dogs more than others and have cheered nearly every adoption and only shed a tear or two for a few who have especially touched me in some way.

Still, there was something missing. This rescue is foster based, and at this time that is the one thing I’m not able to do, so most of my interactions come from adoption events or transport services. If I could bring my dog to work with me things might be different, because sometimes you just need to hug a dog or play with a kitty, so I began volunteering at our local SPCA. I figured that they were located close enough to my office that I could spend a lunch hour or two each week relaxing in the company of a furry little friend under the guise of helping them while in all actuality, reaping the benefits that come with cuddling a pet. Orientation was in two parts so after part one, I was able to ‘socialize with cats’ and I spent a good portion of a lunch hour on the floor of a kitty room getting and giving some soft purr-y love.

Part two allowed us to interact with the dogs and there was a special boy whom I met at both orientations and I was eager to go back and really interact with him on my first “dog day.” Its funny how a dog (or any animal, really) can grab your heartstrings and how it varies from person to person as to who that special furry pal may be. A fellow volunteer nudged me and pointed at a dog, “That’s my dog. I’m going to adopt that one.” “Hmmm, cute dog, nothing special,” I thought. He or she was the kind of dog I might not have given a second glance at if I weren’t here to generally socialize with the dogs.

In the kennel next to “her dog” was the special someone who had me at first glance. Truth be told, “special boy” is not usually someone who would grab my attention… except he did. He was just a medium sized dog, medium hair, medium build but with a deep chest and funny white paws that were too big for his body. (As a further testament to how perception skews what we actually see, he is listed as a large dog with long hair.) There was nothing exceptional… but his eyes. Ah, those soulful cinnamon eyes peering at me over the chew toy he hopefully offered me, they had me at hello.

article continued...


Volunteer Orientation
April 24
5:30 - 6:45 PM
Allen County Library Downtown Branch
Meeting Room C
Click here to sign up.



Corporate Partners

To join these companies in support of the Allen County SPCA email Melissa.

Subaru of Fort Wayne
Heritage Parts
Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort
Bush's Best
Cinda b
McMahon's Best One
Stewart Brimner Peters Insurance
Kelli Southern State Farm
Digital Communications

Dog Guard