Bathroom Renovation: Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in renovating a bathroom?

Every client has their own requirements and needs for renovating their bathroom. Typically, a bathroom renovation process consists of the following steps:

  • Updating bathroom fixtures
  • Replacing the floor
  • Retiling the walls and shower area
  • Updating plumbing
  • Repainting the ceiling and walls
  • Replacing existing bathroom ventilation
  • Updating/rearranging the lighting

Other services may include:

  • Installation of a skylight window
  • Installation of bidet
  • Installation of steam shower/jet tub
  • Annexing an adjacent closet for adding extra space
  • Installation of heated floor

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

This is a question that most people are interested in the most. Every contractor will tell you that it depends on your personal needs and wants. However, below are some approximate prices, so that you can have some numbers to base your budget on.

Half-bath or powder room consisting of one toilet and a vanity usually starts at $2000 for complete makeover.*

Family bathroom consisting of one toilet, a vanity and a tub usually starts at $4500 for a complete makeover.*

Master bathroom consisting of one toilet, double sink vanity and a shower area usually starts at $5500 for a complete makeover.*

*Complete makeover means a full renovation of a bathroom space using mid-range materials and does not include fixtures and tiles. To get an accurate estimate of your bathroom renovation please contact us through the phone or via email.

How long does it take to completely renovate a bathroom?

The timeframe could vary depending on the size of the room and complexity of the job. The average 5 x 8 ft family bathroom would take about a week to complete from start to finish. Larger spaces could take up to 10-15 days.

I have a limited budget. Can you still offer me a solution for
my bathroom renovation?

Absolutely! We can definitely custom tailor our bathroom renovation solutions to your specific budget. We work with many suppliers and are able to get additional discounts on the materials and fixtures.

Can you install while I supply my own fixtures and materials?

Certainly! We'll be happy to work with the fixtures and materials you provide.

What is the warranty on you bathroom renovation services?

We're confident in our abilities to deliver high quality of installation. We're offering one-year workmanship warranty on all of our services.

Do I need to have a design idea before I start my
bathroom renovation process?

No. At Bowerbird Renovations we understand that due to huge selection of designs, fixtures and materials, it is very easy to get confused when thinking about your bathroom renovation. Thus we'll be glad to assist you with possible scenarios, design and fixture selections based on our bathroom renovation experience.

What kind of return on investment can I expect from renovating my bathroom?

Bathroom renovations have one of the highest returns on investment from all other rooms in your house according to NKBA. It could be between 80-100% and even more depending on where you live and your project requirements.

During the bathroom renovation, would you upgrade the mechanical parts of
my bath (plumbing, electrical, ventilation)?

Definitely. Bathroom renovation is the opportunity not only to replace the cosmetics (fixtures, tiles) but also the mechanics. During the duration of your bathroom renovation, we will change worn out drain and overflow of your tub, install shut off valves to your toilet and vanity water supply, install GFCI outlet, replace lighting switches, replace an old fan and also make sure it's properly vented to the outside.