What to Expect & How to Prepare for Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation process is not easy as one might think. There are a lot of things that might go wrong not only with the renovation itself but also with your experience. 7-8 business days might not sound like a lot of time but it could make a huge difference if during this time you live in dirt, dust and mess. During the duration of the whole bathroom renovation process, we at Bowerbird make sure that we leave our job cite in clean and neat condition, we regularly use vacuum cleaner to remove working debris and dust, we use protective blankets and covers to protect your floors and take other protective measures.

Protecting your property during your bathroom renovation

Before attempting a bathroom renovation or even any type of renovation, one should know what is happening behind the scene.

Have you heard people saying that a contractor while doing one thing put a dent on their newly painted wall, stained their carpet or scratched their newly laid hardwood floor? While things like that could happen to anyone during the bathroom renovation process, we at Bowerbird paying extremely high attention to your property and constantly educating our staff to treat your home as their own. It is our firm believe to treat your home with utmost respect and care. It means protecting all areas of your home from accidental damage.

Bathroom Renovation process

When you choose Bowerbird Renovations as your bathroom renovation contractor you can count on our expertise. Here we present our bathroom renovation process to give you an idea of how we will move forward.

  1. Initial free bathroom renovation consultation
    This is your opportunity to ask questions about your project and for us to get to know you.
  2. Quote Submission
    We will send you detailed no obligation quote with a competitive price.
  3. Follow up. We will follow up with you on the quote after several days.
  4. Quote Acceptance and signing bathroom renovation agreement. Upon acceptance of our quote we would meet again to go over the renovation contract.
  5. Work behind the scene.
    Depending on what bathroom renovation package you’ve selected, we use this time to order materials and fixtures. We will also set up your bathroom renovation start date
  6. Bathroom renovation work period.
    This is actual working period
  7. End date, final clean up and saying good bye.

Bathroom Renovation Options

When you consider a bathroom renovation in Toronto and GTA and the process associated with it, you might wonder about what you want and what is possible for the available budget. A lot of Toronto bathroom renovation contractors use a cookie cutter approach for giving quotes. At Bowerbird we’ve developed several bathroom renovation options that could be tailored to any budget, time availability and style preference. We will present it to you at our free bathroom renovation consultation.

More Bathroom Renovation Information

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