About Bowerbird Renovations

Who we are

Bowerbird Renovations is Toronto home renovations company skilled at interior renovations of all kinds. We pride ourselves on specializing in bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, basement renovations, attic remodeling, flooring and tile installations, and more. See our full list of renovation services. Our trade's people have more the 15 years of combined experience in their craftsmanship.

Our name was inspired by Bowerbirds, special birds that live in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea known for their unique courtship and the ability to build and decorate their nests with hundreds of different materials such as shells, leaves, flowers, feathers, stones, berries, and even discarded plastic items. Although we don't intend to decorate your house with these items, we do value the home as a place that should be beautiful, comfortable, inspiring, and safe. We keep these bowerbird qualities in mind in our daily work.

Our goals

Our goal as a Renovation Company is to establish a win-win relationship with our clients. We believe that we are succeeding only if our clients are happy. From the first quote appointment to the finished project, we aim to provide the best experience for you. We combine expertise, quality, speed, and affordability and that is how we get satisfied and returning clients.

Why we are different

At Bowerbird Renovations we understand that in home renovations even the smallest detail count. More often then not, small details are the ones that make the big impact to the total look of the renovated space. Be it an imperfection of the wall, uneven gap between the tiles or not perfectly leveled floors, we care to fix these imperfections in our work. That is why our primary concern is to make sure that aside from other important considerations such as architecture, safety, and codes, all the little details are attended to.

"Invest in your nest" means investing our energy and attention in what is easy to overlook.

On Quality and Price

At Bowerbird renovations we do everything in our power to ensure that you’re getting the best price without sacrificing the quality. We achieve this by employing these principles.

  • Closely working with our partners and suppliers and getting discounts on materials.
  • Doing most of the work ourselves and subcontracting only minor parts of the job.

Our previous and current customers can agree that we provide exceptional service and quality for an affordable price.

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