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Six most overlooked questions to ask before hiring a renovations contractor

1. What cleaning practices are you applying while you’re working in my home?

Having a clean and neat work site is at the top of our priorities. We always use dust barriers, floor coverings and vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and debris from spreading through your house and potentially damaging the finishing materials.

2. How are you protecting my finished floors from scratches during renovations?

We use drop cloth sheets and cardboards to protect your finished floor from scratches during renovation process. During larger renovation and remodeling projects where we stay in your house for more than a month we use special builders paper.

3. How do you contain the dust during renovation?

There are two major dust building phases during any renovation project. It is during the demolition phase and during drywall compound sanding phase. We use polyethylene dust barrier to prevent the dust from spreading outside of the working area. We do a lot of vacuuming through the whole duration of renovation.
NOTE: No matter how hard we try to contain the dust, it will still spread through the house in small quantities due to the drafts.

4. Where does the mixing of dusty compounds take place?

Tile setting and drywall compound materials contain dusty substances and micro chemicals. Breathing those dust particles is not healthy. To avoid it from spreading through you house we try to mix them outside when possible. We always use vacuum cleaner to suck all the spills and dust when we have to mix it inside.

5. Where will you be storing your tools and materials?

We do require a place for tools storage near the job site. Ideally we occupy adjacent room to store the materials and tools. This way it allows us to keep everything we need for the renovation project in one place.

6. How are you removing debris and garbage from the house?

During the demolition faze we collect all the debris inside black contractor bags and take them outside the house. We store the bags temporary somewhere outside of the house until the end of the project and then we take it away all at once in a garbage bin. This helps to minimize the cost of the garbage removal for our clients. Also, this way we reduce the mess and spills in the rest of the house and eliminate the need to place a huge garbage bin on your driveway for the entire during of the project which is often an inconvenience for families.

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